Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress 2017
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We are open: Novi water issue is not affecting the event - we have ample bottled water and bathrooms!

It’s business as usual in The Suburban Collection Showplace convention center.

Defining the legal guidelines, rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles

There are still no universal rules or regulations in which autonomous vehicles can operate, and the potential legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles are undefined. This conference is to discuss and explore how to create a regulatory framework to enable further public testing of autonomous and driverless vehicles. It will also debate what regulatory and legal challenges must be addressed before autonomous vehicles can be purchased and used by consumers. Over the course of the two days, the conference will address a number of key unresolved issues such as:

  • Adapting current safety standards and regulations to allow further testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads
  • Assessing liability in accidents involving autonomous vehicles
  • Establishing an international agreement on rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles
  • Safely integrating autonomous vehicles with other road users
  • Code of ethics for autonomous vehicles in the event of an unavoidable accident
  • Authorising police and law enforcement agencies to intercept and remotely stop self-driving vehicles
  • Allocating civil and criminal liability in the event of a cyberattack, vehicle hacking or deliberate interference with an automated vehicle


The Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress will be the world’s first dedicated meeting place for:

  • Policy makers
  • Transportation authorities
  • Highway safety administrators
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Technology and software companies
  • Legal authorities
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Transportation policy makers
  • Transportation authorities
  • National and local government transportation departments
  • Highway safety advisors
  • DOTs
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers
  • Law firms
  • OEM and supplier legal departments
  • Insurance companies
  • Vehicle fleet operators


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Conference Program:

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Hear what our attendees are saying about the event

The AV Safety Regulation Congress was one of the best meetings in this sector in the recent memory. The cross-cutting nature of the participants brought together OEMS, Federal agencies, state DOTS, state Department of Motor Vehicles, the insurance industry and regulators, and law enforcement. The organization of the Congress allowed for great opportunities for integrated discussions.

Don Hunt, senior fellow, Buechner Institute for Governance, University of Colorado

I was pleased to have the opportunity to have these conversations with the right people at the right time.

Catherine Curtis, Director Vehicle Programs, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

Thanks again for organizing such an enjoyable event. I was very impressed both by those you recruited to speak and especially by those who came to listen. There were some important people sitting quietly in your audience and I look forward to attending again in 2017!

Bryant Walker Smith, assistant professor of law, University of South Carolina, USA

This first of its kind conference was an excellent opportunity to continue discussing the future of autonomous vehicle technology in the automotive industry. The outstanding mix of regulators, academics and legal professionals offered a variety of viewpoints to consider as this ground-breaking technology continues to develop and be introduced to the consuming public.

John Isaac Southerland, partner, Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart LLP, USA

The Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation Congress was a great venue for gathering representatives from various industries to discuss and explore the regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles. It was wonderful being a part of this event and helping to bring an insurance focus to the table. With varying state insurance regulators, it is crucial for the insurance industry to focus on what's emerging and to stay involved as vehicles evolve to become driverless.

Sandee Perfetto, coverage director, Personal Auto product development, Verisk Insurance Solutions, USA

Participating in the Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress 2016 was a great opportunity for the Michigan DOT to share insights with multiple industry sectors and government on this emerging technology. Autonomous vehicle technology has great promise of improving the safety of Michigan motorists, and we support its development within the State of Michigan.

Collin Castle, connected vehicle specialist, Michigan Department of Transportation, USA

The quality of speakers has been phenomenal. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the presentations and it’s been really interesting to hear so many different opinions, great speakers, great conversations, dialogue, and definitely great networking. I sat in a VW presentation and not only was it really insightful, but it was also much more provocative than I was expecting

Meghan Chamberlain, marketing analyst, Robert Bosch

I was incredibly impressed with the exceptional quality of the speakers, and the timeliness of the program. We’re at the beginning at the era of the autonomous vehicle, and all the political, ethical and legal implications that go with it, so now is very much the time to do this”

Richard A. Lazar, principal, AV Insights LLC, USA